Christmas doors to remember
Jr/Sr high compete with homeroom door decorating

– by Shakti C, freshman –

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas break is almost here, but along with the merry hearts, hot chocolate, and Christmas carols, comes ruthless competition. Every year, the students compete by decorating the halls and lockers, but things were a little different this time around. The student council decided that the students should decorate the home room doors instead of the lockers.

“The hallways are always so much fun,” said Amy F, freshman, “but the doors were a really fun twist!”

The sophomores placed 4th with their “mix matched Christmas” theme. Christmas lights and different types of wrapping paper are what really brought Mrs. Bullocks’ door to life. The 8th graders placed 3rd with their “soccer team Christmas tree.” Each of the 8th graders had their own miniature jersey hung as ornaments on their Christmas tree door. The freshmen placed 2nd, with a huge picture of Miss Muller’s face with a Santa Claus beard, plastered on her door.

“It was a little weird to see my face so huge,” said Miss Muller. “It was still a little weird after the beard, but mostly just funny.”

The 7th graders claimed 1st place with their adorable penguin-themed door!

Decorating the home room doors was a really fun experience for the junior and senior high.

“I enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun and a good opportunity to be creative,” said Twila S, freshman, “but we definitely should have won.”