Choirs and a mobile orchestra
How has COVID-19 affected music at FBTA?

– by Zachary, freshman –

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people could not attend music lessons because they were stuck in their homes.

At the start of the school year, the reopening of music classes was delayed as the staff figured out how to disinfect the class area and to social distance. 

“We’ve realized that spreading out more helps provide safety,” said Mr. Van Den Berg, choir and band teacher. “Instrument classes have begun in full swing, and choir classes are now starting to be restored. We clean equipment just a bit more thoroughly now. The success of taking things step-by-step has allowed normal routines to gradually fall back into place.”

“It delayed our start,” said Mrs. Castilla, music teacher, “so we are a little behind compared to other years. But, on a positive note (no pun intended) I feel like the enthusiasm level is up because kids are excited to get started.”

How has elementary music been affected?

“We couldn’t sing for the longest time,” said Mrs. Probus, elementary music teacher, “and I had to make the music travel. I brought the music to them.” 

While music classes have restarted, many students are wondering if COVID will leave permanent changes. 

“I hope not too many,” said Mrs. Probus, “because I like to have choir, but it wouldn’t be too horrible to keep traveling because I love to see the kids in their classrooms.”

“Not in junior and senior high,” said Mrs. Castilla, “but possibly in how we are breaking down the elementary band. That change might remain.”

“I hope not,” said Mr. Van Den Berg. “Music is meant to be shared. Singing is a challenging activity when having to be spread apart. I believe that once all of our music classes function as normal, it will be great when COVID is behind us.”