Just a snow day? or God’s divine sovereignty
Snow days of 2019

– by Jayden L, sophomore – Winter break ended on Jan. 3, and it was time to for the students of FBTA to get back to the grind.  Mid-term exams were scheduled to begin on Jan. 15, which meant that students had a week or so to prepare and cram all the information they had learned since August into just … Read More

It’s SNAC time
Sunday night after church teen time

– by Haston H, junior – SNAC stands for Sunday Night After Church activity.  On Sunday, Jan. 6, the teens of FBT enjoyed a new snack night after church. This is just one of the many positive things that Pastor Kyle, FBT youth group leader, has added to the former FBTeens, now known as the Catalyst. He chose this name, … Read More

Art, books, music, oh my!
Sophomores take a history field trip to D.C.

– by Emma V, senior – The sophomore history class visited the Renaissance section of the National Gallery of Art and the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Dec. 19,  “Our intent was to see how the growth of education and humanist thought changed the lives of Europeans from the 1300’s-1600’s,” said Mr. Armstrong, one of the chaperones … Read More