Good news! Yearbook signing IS NOT cancelled!

We are excited to announce that the FBTA yearbook signing tradition is alive, and it’s fully digital to suit our socially-distanced students. Jostens has just launched a new platform, Yearbook Digital Signing Pages, that gives every student the chance to create virtual signing pages, invite their friends to leave messages, and print out the final pages to keep with the … Read More

College testing cancelled
Information for students about SAT/ACT

– by Caleb P, junior – Everything is cancelled, life has stopped, or that’s what is seems. Due to COVID-19, College Board cancelled the March 14, May 2, and June 6 SAT and SAT Subject Test administration. ACT has also responded to COVID-19 by rescheduling their tests from April 4 to June 13. Students are required to change their schedule, … Read More

College students have returned

– by Peter V, junior – During this COVID-19 pandemic, colleges have switched to online learning and most have sent their students home. Some students who had campus jobs or were in the graduate programs stayed at college due to the outbreak where they lived or the fact that they didn’t have a job back home to help pay for … Read More

Home sweet homeschool
How does online learning compare to homeschooling?

– by Alexandra, freshman – Online Distance Learning began March 23, due to a statewide shutdown of all public and private schools by Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam. What looked like a short-term period of “homeschooling” has now turned into an entire quarter, taking students and teachers to the end of the academic year.  For some students, who have previously been … Read More

Families stay busy during quarantine
New ways to spend time with family

– by Jordan P, senior – Due to COVID-19, students will be at home for a while and need to find new ways to spend their time. Spending all of their time with family may get boring or even frustrating at times; however, activities such as going on a walk can bring families closer together.  “My family and I have … Read More

A most supreme visit
5th/6th grades travel to D.C.

– by Jayden L, junior – Miss Lawlor and Miss Koechig took their 5th and 6th grade classes on a field trip to DC, touring the Supreme Court Justice Department and the Library of Congress on Nov. 13. Not only were the classes able to get a day off from school, but they were able to get a first-hand view … Read More

Spirit always in season
Another spirit week in the books

– by Connor D, senior – At the end of February, FBTA continued its annual tradition of spirit week to cheer on the final basketball games and to hold competitions for the best costume and school spirit. This year’s spirit week saw a few differences to previous spirit weeks. Fictional Character Day and Zoo Day made their first debut with … Read More

Let it snow!
Students get early (and late) snow days this season

– by Liza F, junior – Snow days! Everyone loves them. From shopping sprees to sleeping in, the students of FBTA were ready for the day off.  On Nov. 17, FBTA had its first snow day of the year.   “I loved having the snow day off! It was great to finally be able to sleep in for once!” said … Read More

Will you be My Valentine?
Celebrating Valentine’s Day

– by Ava J, sophomore – As Valentine’s Day approached, everyone was on the edge of their seat to hear the famous question of February: “Will you be my valentine?”  While many in our school were disappointed to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day alone, this disappointment soon washed away when the Valentine’s Day parties started. From K3 all the way … Read More