Music, anyone?
ODACS Band and Choir Festival

The 2019 ODACS Band and Choir Festival was hosted by Landmark Christian School in Richmond on Nov. 21-22. Mr. Eric Woods conducted the symphonic band, and the guest director for the Concert Choir was Captain Joel DuBois. Mrs. Lois Whitlock, Bethel Christian School in Hampton, conducted the Concert Band.

A most supreme visit
5th/6th grades travel to D.C.

– by Jayden L, junior – Miss Lawlor and Miss Koechig took their 5th and 6th grade classes on a field trip to DC, touring the Supreme Court Justice Department and the Library of Congress on Nov. 13. Not only were the classes able to get a day off from school, but they were able to get a first-hand view … Read More

Put your running shoes on
Patriot pace is October 15!

– by Ava J, junior – On Oct. 15, FBTA is holding a school-wide fundraiser called the Patriot Pace, which is a walking, jogging, and running event. Students from K4-12th grades collect sponsors, and run around the soccer field to raise money for the school. A sponsor can contribute money for every lap a student runs or give a flat … Read More

A year in review
FBTA receives 2019 yearbooks

Receiving the FBTA yearbooks and attending the dedication ceremony signals that the end of the year is near.  On May 23, a 15-minute video was presented to the entire student body and faculty to recount the year-in-review. The yearbook staff searched through thousands of photos from the year to highlight our favorite memories.  After the slideshow presentation, Hart, yearbook editor, … Read More

The sound of spring
Academy spring concert

– by Liza F, junior – ODACS being over doesn’t mean that FBTA has stopped participating in great music programs. As the school year comes to an end, FBTA held its final concert of the year. The concert consisted of many of everyone’s favorite ODACS songs along with a few new songs.  The program began with the handbell choir presenting … Read More

Christmas doors to remember
Jr/Sr high compete with homeroom door decorating

– by Shakti C, freshman – It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas break is almost here, but along with the merry hearts, hot chocolate, and Christmas carols, comes ruthless competition. Every year, the students compete by decorating the halls and lockers, but things were a little different this time around. The student council decided that the students … Read More

The most wonderful party of the year
Students plan Christmas class parties

– by Nathan H, senior – It’s that time of year again. The time when both students and teachers alike begin eagerly awaiting Christmas break. With this anticipation brings thoughts of the last day before break, and the Christmas parties and festivities that will take place on that day.  Each class in junior high and high school chose a theme … Read More

Christmas filled with music
FBTA students perform three separate concerts

– by Caleb P, sophomore – Splitting our annual Christmas concert into three separate events would seem at first to not be a good idea during an already  stressful month. But this was not the case. More time to prepare for the concert and less time for each concert were both beneficial and the advantages were seen during each concert. … Read More

Practice makes perfect!
Students and teachers are working hard for this year’s ODACS

– by Kiersten G, sophomore – Students and teachers have been hard at work preparing for the ODACS competition in March. ODACS (Old Dominion Association of Church Schools) is the fine arts competition comprised of all categories, such as art, speech, orchestra, and various choral groups. This year, our school made an effort to start preparation for the competition early … Read More