Communication challenges
Ups and downs of dealing with Sycamore

– by Elizabeth T, freshman – Online school has been in play for quite a few weeks due to the coronavirus initiating social distancing; however, the rate at which this transition occurred led to extreme measures in order for students to get back to schooling. FBTA is using the Sycamore online grading and communication system to organize online teaching and … Read More

100th day of school
A celebration for hard work

– by Ava J, junior – FBTA students completed 100 days of school on Jan. 31. The preschool students celebrated the 100th day with fun activities, having a theme of 100 with their parties and games. Mrs. Bradford hid 100 pennies around the halls of the elementary, and her K4 students enjoyed searching until they found them all.     … Read More

4th grade parable skits

Every year, the 4th grade class gets to write a short skit about their favorite parable, plan costumes, and act out a mini play in front of their class. The skits and actions are well-planned, and the students put great care into each scene and narration. They are graded on participation and creativity, and it is a highlight for all … Read More

The bigger the better
Elective classes bigger in size, better in purpose

– by Caleb P, junior – Electives. Bigger, better, and more of it. This is the year where FBTA electives in the senior high are being upgraded from bigger to biggest and from better to best. There are specifically two electives that received an upgrade: French and Anatomy. In the past few years, Anatomy has been a half-credit course because … Read More

Skull, clavicle, patella
Anatomy class assembles human skeleton “puzzle”

– by Hart Z, senior – Throughout the past week, the anatomy class has put together a skeleton to practice learning the bones in the body. “It’s very important to know how the bones work in the body,” said Mr. Niggl, anatomy teacher. “Instead of just studying a diagram, the hands-on aspect of the skeletal system helps students understand better.” … Read More

Time for travel
U.S. History class goes hands on

– by Caleb D, senior – On Nov. 30, the U.S. History class traveled to Fort McHenry and Hampton for a field trip. The trip was organized by Mr. Armstrong, the class teacher and “tour guide,” with Mr. Van Den Berg as the bus driver. Instead of stopping by a museum, the students got to visit two historic sites located … Read More

Code academy:
New computer coding class for students

– by Caleb D, senior – The return to school after a long summer vacation is different every year. There are new, exciting classes to take and wonderful, new things to learn, but none are quite as novel as the brand new coding class this year.  In past years, FBTA offered computer applications and robotics via LEGO mindstorms; but the … Read More