Bring a spoon to the Super Bowl
Teens snack and watch the Super Bowl at the Tripp’s house

– by Caleb D, senior –

On Feb. 3, after the evening service, the senior high teens took a trip to the Tripp’s house for a classic, annual viewing of Super Bowl LIII. 

After the Super Bowl started, the familiar sound of cheers and jeers resounded throughout the establishment. Snacks and drinks were provided in order to offer the ultimate viewing experience. 

However, watching the Super Bowl wasn’t the only thing to do at the event. There were various games and other activities that could be enjoyed during the game.

“I played games with friends more than I watched the Super Bowl, although I did see the touchdown at the very end,” said Hart Z, senior. 

With so many things to do and with how astoundingly low scoring the game itself was, there were only a few people that watched the entirety of the match.

“Honestly, the Super Bowl was kind of boring, so hanging out with my friends was my favorite part,” said Zachary T, 7th grade.

Although the game itself may have not been all that exciting, getting together with friends definitely was. Many thanks go out to the Tripps for allowing the teen group to use the premises and providing snacks for this annual event.