Behind the scenes of Joseph
Making sure the play ran smoothly

– by Jordan P, senior –

While the student actors stole the show on stage, other students were also involved in the production aspect of Joseph, handling makeup, costumes, and set design. The makeup crew was able to recreate intricate makeup designs onto students over the course of two performances. 

“It was fun being around all the girls and getting to do everyone’s makeup,” said Savannah Vasquez, junior. “In the end, it was all worth it.”  

In addition to makeup and costumes, the scenery of the play helped to tell the story of Joseph. 

“I enjoyed creating the atmosphere of each scene from scratch with the different layers of lights,” said Jianna Coppola, freshman. 

By being a part of the production crew, individuals were able to learn new skills. 

“I learned how to work quickly and efficiently with the little time we had,” said Holden Zakaria, junior. “I also loved being a part of something bigger than just a play.”  

The people who were backstage were able to produce a world where the story of Joseph could be told.