All locker’d up?
New full-size lockers give students a better environment, but raise new drawbacks

– by Caleb P, sophomore –

Big, spacious, and blue are the memorable few out of the many, useful adjectives to describe the new lockers. The lockers were bought with Patriot Pace donations that FBTA junior and senior high students earned last year. Since then, the junior and senior high students are using the vast, private, uniform, and luxurious full-size lockers to their advantage. 

“The lockers are spacious and are big,” said Isaiah J, 7th grade.

“I love the new lockers. You can put literally anything in there,” said Estefania M, senior.

Although these full-size lockers might seem to give the upper hand to the junior and senior high students, the changes create new hurdles for junior and senior high students to jump over: no backpacks allowed to class, limited paper available, and more books to hold are quite different challenges never seen before.

“I like the new lockers, but it’s not worth our backpacks,” said Justin G, junior.

Mr. Bradford is hoping the students will adjust quickly to the changes. With enough experience, time, and understanding, the students of FBTA will enable themselves to become flexible in many different situations and not be too resistant to change for the better.