Adventures in D.C.
Choral group at the Department of Education

– by Jayden L, sophomore –

All aboard the music train,” said Mr. Van Den Berg, bus driver, to the straggling choral members loading the bus for the D.C. trip.

Near the end of Sept., the FBTA choral group had the honorable opportunity to sing at the Department of Education’s 40th Anniversary of the Office of Non-Public Education. There were many mixed emotions about performing in D.C.

“This is really exciting, but I am also very nervous about performing,” said Julie U, senior.

From the notice of the upcoming event, the choral group practiced diligently, balancing the learning of new songs while fine-tuning old, but good, songs for the performance. The hard work and dedication of the choral members and their director, Pastor Baldwin, truly showed as they delivered an outstanding performance followed by a great round of applause and positive comments.

“I am thankful for the different opportunities that Pastor Baldwin has given to our music department. He is a great man and spiritual leader, and I look forward to the new opportunities to come,” said Mr. Bradford, school administrator.

After the performance, the choral group was offered soda, Honest Tea, chips, brownies, cakes, and crowd-favorite tortilla chips and Pico de Gallo.

“Wooooooow this is good . . . the chips are soooo salty,” said Sarah H, senior.

After a great day, plus the bonus of missing the last three periods of school, it was time to board the “music train” and go back home. Thank you to Pastor Baldwin and Mrs. Lyle as well as Mr. Bradford and other faculty for allowing the choral group to have such an amazing opportunity.