A year in review
FBTA receives 2019 yearbooks

Receiving the FBTA yearbooks and attending the dedication ceremony signals that the end of the year is near. 

On May 23, a 15-minute video was presented to the entire student body and faculty to recount the year-in-review. The yearbook staff searched through thousands of photos from the year to highlight our favorite memories. 

After the slideshow presentation, Hart, yearbook editor, announced that Mrs. Page would be our 2019 yearbook dedicatee.

Mrs. Page taught the senior class when she first began teaching at FBTA and the seniors were in 5th grade. They were happy to have her teach them again when she moved out of elementary and became the core of our senior high math department, teaching upper-level physics and pre-calculus.  

Mrs. Page’s husband, son, and daughter were able to be there that day to see her receive her dedication yearbook. 

This year was especially memorable because for the first time in FBTA history, our yearbook team earned the Jostens National Program of Excellence Award. Our school received a banner and plaque to signify excellent yearbook coverage, meeting deadlines, and holding an exciting distribution event. The yearbook team was happily surprised and honored by the announcement. 

The cover has been unofficially voted as the “coolest cover” in the history of FBTA yearbooks, with a shimmery blue and purple shine and halographic lettering. The size of the yearbook has also increased slightly, because Jostens has discontinued the size that FBTA has been printing for 30 years. 

“It will stick up a little taller on the shelves,” said Mrs. Dyck, advisor, “but it’s not a huge difference. Besides, it helps it stand out.”