A ‘WILDly’ fun time:
Senior class takes on The Wilds of NC

– by Julie V, senior –

The class of 2018 came to school early to pile into the church’s new 13-passenger van to drive over 8 hours to the Wilds Christian Camp in Brevard, NC. 

The Wilds has so many fun activities for seniors to enjoy and offers free stuff for every senior, such as a free fountain drink, devotional, and a free tumbler from their gift shop, the General Store. 

“I thought that the free things were a really good deal,” said Enoch P.

Some of the cool activities were paintball, zip-lining, tubing, and the special activity just for seniors — white water rafting.

“I loved the giant swing! I thought I was going to die, but it was cool anyway,” said Jacqueline Z.

“I thought the white water rafting was great!” said Jessica K. “My favorite part was having to pull Pastor Abbey back into the boat.”

The class was split into two boats and Pastor Abbey went with one boat as a guide, and Ricky Schimkus, FBTA alum who works at The Wilds, went with the other boat. The river was about 25 minutes away from the campsite, and on the way back to camp Pastor and Mrs. Abbey took the class to a drive-in diner and bought everyone milkshakes, which has now become an annual tradition.

“I thought that the milkshakes were really good. They were super thick too,” said Matthew C.

On their last night, the seniors had a sweet time of reflection and testimony with the whole class and Pastor and Mrs. Abbey. Tears were shed, hugs were given, and the class got to bond throughout their entire experience.

The seniors thoroughly enjoyed their trip and are very grateful for the experience. The class thanks the Abbeys for spending the week at camp. Overall the class had a blast! No injuries, no mishaps, and by God’s grace no lost or broken glasses.