A picture perfect event:
The seniors take their final pictures

– by Nathan H, senior –

“All seniors, please report to the auditorium for pictures!” 

The seniors excitedly left their respective classes for the last class pictures of their high school career. 

The girls went off to prepare, curling their hair and doing last minute touch-ups on makeup. The boys put on one of the fake half-tuxedo shirts and got in line.

Most of the guys took their pictures first, with the coaching and eye of Hart Z.

“The pictures turned out all right,” commented Jonathan B, senior. “I could have probably used a haircut, but they weren’t bad.” 

The girls all wore a black drape clipped together in the back with binder clips. They helped each other with making sure their hair was absolutely perfect, and there were many more takes and retakes. 

Afterward, Mrs. Dyck took the seniors outside for the customary outdoor photos. They posed in front of the school building and on the playground. They also visited some of the younger grades and took pictures with them. 

“I had a great time!”said Julie U, senior. “It was a lot of fun taking pictures with the little kids.”

The seniors who had been at the school all twelve years took a picture with Mrs. Laden, their 1st grade teacher. 

“It’s really sad to realize that it is almost time to leave, but it is great to see how far we have come as a class,” said Hart Z.