A look inside the COVID school day
FBTA students navigate a normal school day while combating the Coronavirus

– by Nathan, freshman –

Covid-19 seemingly came out of nowhere last spring, effectively putting a halt to daily life as we know it. Now, with school back in session, how is everyone adjusting to the new regulations?

Whenever new rules are put into place, students always have varying opinions on them, including masks and social distancing. 

“I don’t really mind the masks,” said Jackson, sophomore. 

“I don’t mind them, but I think it’s unnecessary to wear them when standing up in the classroom,” said David, junior. 

“I understand why we have to, but I don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable and hard to breathe in,” said Ryan, freshman. 

Students do agree to wear the masks, even if they don’t like them, hoping that they are helping to control the virus spread. 

Aside from masks and social distancing, FBTA required several other changes.  

Students are required to wear masks while riding the bus to and from games. They are also encouraged to ride in personal vehicles instead of the bus whenever possible.  

Only five people can sit at a lunch table at a time.

Several students are still participating in school by viewing their classes online, but many have returned to  in-person classes.