A final cheer
Students celebrate the close of the sports seasons with the annual sports banquet

– by Haston H, junior –

A buzz of chatter filled the room as the athletes of the school gathered in groups to eagerly discuss the greatly anticipated sports awards, and who would win the ultimate award, the Athletic Director’s Award.

The dinner, which was cooked by resident chef, Mrs. Darby, consisted of two selections of freshly-tossed salads, sizzling grilled hot dogs, baked beans, and baked macaroni and cheese. After being filled to the brim with food, the most anticipated part of the night began. 

The awards started off with the undefeated JV girls’ volleyball team and the Varsity girls volleyball team. Coach Kim talked about the highlights of the volleyball season. Julie was awarded the Player’s Choice Award and Sarah was awarded the Coach’s Award. 

From there it moved on to the JV guys soccer team and the varsity guys soccer team. Coach Bradford made sure to recognize the outstanding soccer players this year­—one of these being John, who scored 25 goals this soccer season, earning both the Player’s Choice Award and the Coach’s Award.

After the fall sports were wrapped up, we were all treated to a light dessert before moving on to the winter and spring sport sections. 

After the JV basketball teams were honored, it was time for the varsity basketball teams. Coach Spatz got up to talk about the girl’s season and what it was like as a first year coach. Cindy was given the honored Coach’s Award and the Player’s Choice Award for dedication to the team, amazing playing, and outstanding sportsmanship. 

Coach Page gave some remarks on the varsity guy’s basketball season. Jonathan was awarded Player’s Choice for his unending commitment to his team and show of leadership on the court, and Connor was awarded the Coach’s Award.

Coach Briggs discussed the varsity girls Soccer team, giving both Emma and Julie the Coach’s Award. 

It was now time for the most anticipated part of the evening. Who would receive the Athletic Director’s Award? The seniors anxiously looked around the gym at each other as Mr. Bradford began to announce the winner. The name was called—it was Jonathan, and the crowd burst into applause! 

“I was truly shocked and honored that this award was given to me,” said Jonathan, senior. “I was not expecting this at all, but I am so thankful to all of my coaches and my parents for allowing me the opportunity to play the sports I love.”  

“I thought it was great to recognize the accomplishments the sports teams have achieved this year,” said Jordan, junior. 

Many were excited and pumped for the next year’s sports seasons. 

“I can’t wait to win the championship in soccer—we were so close this year,” said Daniel, junior. 

“This year’s sports banquet was a lot of fun, but it was mixed with the sadness of it being our last one together,” said Melanie, senior. 

The 2018-2019 Sports Banquet was truly a momentous occasion this year, but especially for our seniors. 

We will miss you next year seniors!