A day full of surprises
Easter egg hunt

– by Ava J, junior –

Easter is one of the most important stories in the Bible. The preschoolers were able to learn more about this day while doing fun activities. The teachers were able to incorporate the story of Jesus’ resurrection into simple activities. 

Mrs. Bradford had her K4 class start with an edible activity that captured the scene of the empty tomb using donuts. After learning more about what they were celebrating, the students ran to the playground to find eggs. Plastic eggs were hidden near the opening of the slide, by the swings, or partially under the mulch.

Mrs. Acosta had stations that the children would rotate through. The favorite station was decorating and eating cookies. After finishing the rotation, the students went outside to write on the sidewalk with chalk. When they were ready to move on from that activity, the teachers were one step ahead with a relay race. The two teams raced through obstacles to determine the winner of the race.

“I liked making the donut scene, because afterward we got to eat the donuts,” said Ella, K4.

“My favorite part of the day was the relay race, because my team won. I also liked the sidewalk chalk, because I like to draw,” said Jet, K4.

“After I got home, I opened all of the eggs and ate some of my chocolates. I was allowed to eat four pieces of candy in after school care,” said Paul, K3.