100th day of school
A celebration for hard work

– by Ava J, junior –

FBTA students completed 100 days of school on Jan. 31. The preschool students celebrated the 100th day with fun activities, having a theme of 100 with their parties and games. Mrs. Bradford hid 100 pennies around the halls of the elementary, and her K4 students enjoyed searching until they found them all.    

The K4 classes also worked together to make a tasty cooking project. Students brought in cheerios, Chex mix, goldfish, and even some M&M’s to share with their class, counting everything out until they reached 100. They ate their snacks while they watched a movie with their classmates. Their final activity was creating an art project using their dot markers which was sent home as a remembrance of their fun day. Multiple students came up to Mrs. Bradford to tell her that this was their best day of their lives. 

“I liked finding candy all over the hallways with my friends,” said Emma K, K4.

“Watching the movie and having the party with my class was really fun!” exclaimed Paul Y, K4.

“The most rewarding part of the day for me was seeing my students actually have so much fun doing math,” said Mrs. Bradford, K4 teacher. 

With the benchmark of 100 days behind them, students can now look forward to the 80 days left until summer. Remember to finish strong in your school work and not to check out!