100 days and counting!
100th day celebration

– by Amy F, freshman –

On Thursday, Jan. 31, the student body of FBTA successfully survived 100 days of school! Many classes enjoyed cheerful celebrations and tasteful desserts, starting with Miss Damm’s K3 class to Miss Lamos’s 6th graders.  

Most elementary classes started with normal academics, but ended with kids bouncing off walls while eating lollipops and chocolates! Miss Mueller, the high school Spanish teacher, also served some delicious snacks to a few of her classes.

“I loved the donuts Miss Mueller brought! They weren’t very healthy, but they were still delicious!” said Charity B, freshman.

Although not every class got an exciting celebration, the students still enjoyed the countdown to the 100th day.

“I liked how I actually knew what day we were on, and realizing it was the 100th day!” said Hanna F, 4th grade.

“I was just glad I at least got to eat a little candy on the 100th day,” said Andrew H, 5th grade.

Finishing up the day, the end of the year countdown continued, with only 80 more school days to go.